Monday, May 18, 2009


healthing music (hado)

kawachi folk dance song

heavy metal music


Maybe it happened that you become happy or relax after listen to a music or song. Do you know that something become changed in your body by listening to a music or song? Maybe it shows amazing and impossible for you. But its true and doctor "Masaro Emoto" proved it. He says the crystals of water become changed by words (positive or negative) and musics. for example he attached the positive and negative words on a glass of water and the froze the water and then watched the crystals of water and saw they are changed. The positive words made the crystal cute and negative words made them ugly. He also kept the water near the song and he got the same result. This is why music has effect on our happiness. Do you know how many percent of brain is water?%70. What kind of music does make you happy and relax? How much do know about music? Would you like to play music?

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